Downloading or Viewing the PDF

You can either click on the PDF of the front page (the single link above the other pages) to view the entire paper as one document or click on the individual pages to view one at a time. But, the best way to view it is to download it to your desktop (usually by right-clicking and choosing "save file, save link or download link"- choices may vary, depending on your device). The download may take a few minutes, but once downloaded, access is fast and easy. Also, blue links in ads (or the entire ad if it doesn't have a blue link), articles and gallery listings are active links and will take you to the advertiser's website when you want to explore them further!

If you use Firefox as your browser and are on a Mac, you may need to download a plug-in from them to view PDFs on the browser, if you don't want to download them. For Mac OS X use this link:



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