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January Issue 2009

Nina Liu and Friends in Charleston, SC, Features Works by Arthur McDonald

Nina Liu and Friends in Charleston, SC, is presenting the exhibit, Detours of Art, featuring mixed-media assemblages by Arthur McDonald, on view through Jan. 31, 2009.

McDonald, Professor Emeritus of Theatre from the College of Charleston's School of the Arts, is known to many people in the area for his thought provoking productions of well-known and experimental plays. During his time at the College, McDonald's wide-ranging interests embraced both western and non-western theatrical traditions and found expression in numerous productions that challenged and entertained audiences.

In the past decade McDonald has pursued his interests in the visual arts by studying papermaking and ceramics in various Asian countries (including Burma, Thailand, Mongolia and Laos) and the United States. He also has taught workshops and exhibited his work at venues such as the Black Mountain Center for the Arts in NC. Detours of Art is McDonald's second one-person exhibition at Nina Liu and Friends. For this exhibition he has created a group of mixed-media assemblages that reflects his continued interest in combining traditions and forms to create exciting new works.

For the majority of the pieces in the exhibit, McDonald combines handmade paper with natural pigments, fossils, mica and other found and manufactured objects to create graphic images that have a meditative quality. Each piece on the gallery's walls features multiple layers that invite the viewer to revel in a variety of textures and shapes, and their contemplative, natural colors are soothing to the eye.

McDonald has included several works in clay in the exhibition. One major piece is a "book" of ceramic pages that he has bound with strips of leather. Other works are tiles that serve as bases for ikebana floral arrangements, but each one of these pleasing objects is complete in itself. All of the ceramic objects relate to the assemblages that adorn the walls because of their muted coloration and subtle textures.

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