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January Issue 2009

Center of the Earth Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Offers Group Exhibit on Environmental Changes

Center of the Earth Gallery in Charlotte, NC, will present the exhibit, Seed, featuring works by five artists, covering environmental changes, on view from Jan. 6 through Feb. 27, 2009.

Center of the Earth Gallery welcomes the New Year with Seed, a metaphor for the changes we are witnessing in our environment, whether physical, political or societal. This timely exhibition explores themes of growth, time, memory, and nature. Subtle layering and texture, whether implied or three-dimensional plays an important role in this exhibition where GREEN takes on a new meaning. Featured artists include Ruth Ava Lyons, Laura McCarthy, Diana Arvanites, Richard Painter, and Linda Cordner.

Ruth Ava Lyon

A Fulbright Fellow, Ruth Ava Lyon's paintings can be found in numerous public collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Charlotte Convention Center, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, the Hearst Corporation, and the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Lyons' work has a biomorphic expression that presents itself through references to the transformative power of nature. Concern for the fate of our natural world focuses on images that convey dualities of beauty and decay, and loss and redemption.

Laura McCarthy is driven by questions and is fascinated by things that know their purpose. Her work is inspired by biology and often represents ordinary objects. Her works can be thought of as thresholds - spaces where one may simultaneously look back to the past and forward to the future - all while standing firmly in the present. McCarthy studied at Davidson College as well as UNC Charlotte and has participated in several residency programs, such as the McColl Center for Visual Art.

Diana Arvanites' work involves a balance between striving to make sense of the world through the specific investigations of science based images and objects, and the language between them. This exploration in the creative process brings the finer details of the environment and time into focus. Arvanites received her MFA at the University of Massachusetts and has participated in residencies at the Atlantic Center for the Arts as well as the Provincetown Center for the Arts. Collections include the City of Orlando and University of Florida.

Richard Painter's work reflects nature's process of growth, maturity, and the stage of "over ripeness." Working on wood panels, imagery is masked and the surrounding negative space is burned and charred, thus creating rich texture and contrast. Painter's work has been featured in American Art Collector and New American Paintings. Collections include: Fed-Ex Forum, Vanderbilt University, Mercury Records, and the Pioneer Music Group.

Linda Cordner

Linda Cordner was raised in Connecticut and received a BFA from the University of Connecticut with concentrations in graphic design and painting. She sees creating organic forms as a natural extension of wax's origin. Cordner incorporates collage or incised patterns and lines to show the translucency of the wax.

For further information check our NC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 704/375-5756 or visit (www.centeroftheearth.com).

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