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January Issue 2009

Artistic Spirit Gallery in North Charleston, SC, Features New Works by Jan Boyer

Artistic Spirit Gallery in North Charleston, SC, on the old Navy base, will present the exhibit, Painting Again: New Works by Jan Boyer, on view from Jan. 5 through Mar. 1, 2009.

Boyer is a Visionary artist from Indianapolis, IN, who is known for creating his own religion, Allism. Though untrained, he creates like a trained artist, constantly experimenting with new subjects while incorporating earlier techniques and images. His latest body of work builds on his urban theme, creating imaginary cities. Boyer's earlier series of cities on islands sold out. By their very nature, these were organic.

The new paintings all depict manmade structures, showing little of nature. These are not finished edifices as they were in the previous series. They show the bones of the buildings, either meaning to depict them as unfinished or possibly in various stages of destruction. One, Structure In Time, is almost abstracted, the buildings only a minor reference. The imagery almost has the look of a Klimt.

In addition, Boyer has released the last of his Allism series, some dating from the late 1990s. These works are not misogynistic as his earlier ones were but depict women almost as ancient goddesses. The switch in content reflects Boyer's change in philosophy and highlights his ability to think things through and shows a willingness to grow and evolve as a person and as a painter.

For further information check our SC Commercial Gallery listings, call the gallery at 843/579-0149 or visit (www.artisticspiritgallery.com).

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